Our Communities

Wausau/Schofield, Wisconsin

Wausau/Schofield, WI

Greenheck is located in north central Wisconsin, just minutes from the beautiful northwoods vacation areas. The local area provides a high standard of living at a reasonable cost. The area has an excellent school system that includes several options for continuing education including a two and four year campus and a technical college. The Wausau/Schofield area has much to offer summer and winter sports enthusiasts. Direct access to the interstate highway system allows residents to reach Minneapolis, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago in a few hours. The community is home to several other large employers with an emphasis in the paper, window manufacturing and insurance industries.

A complete offering of fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial fans, dampers, louvers, make-up air units, and energy recovery ventilators are manufactured in Schofield, Wisconsin.

Frankfort, Kentucky

Frankfort, Kentucky

Nestled along the scenic Kentucky River Valley, among the rolling hills of the fabled Bluegrass region, rests the state capital of Kentucky. Located between Louisville and Lexington, historic Frankfort prides itself on maintaining the charm and beauty of a southern town. Home to many state government agencies, the area also enjoys the commerce of major manufacturing firms, Kentucky State University, and many locally owned enterprises.

Greenheck dampers manufactured in Frankfort include fire and ceiling radiation dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire/smoke dampers, control dampers and backdraft dampers. The louver products include extruded aluminum louvers, fabricated louvers, combination louver/dampers and penthouses.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California

Located in North Central California along the Sacramento River and American River lies Sacramento, the state capital of California. Initially settled in 1839, Sacramento experience a population explosion when gold was discovered in 1848. Today, the descendants of these Gold Rush immigrants drive a broad spectrum of businesses and industries. They enjoy one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world, and their diverse ethnic backgrounds enrich the city's lively cultural scene.

Products manufactured in Sacramento include Greenheck fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire/smoke dampers, control dampers and backdraft dampers. The louver products include extruded aluminum louvers, fabricated louvers, combination louver/dampers and penthouses. The Unison facility manufactures Innovent custom air handlers and Valent rooftop units.

Kings Mountain & Shelby, North Carolina

Kings Mountain, North Carolina

Cleveland County, North Carolina, is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in an area known as the Piedmont of North Carolina. Ideally located between Greenville, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina, the county is home to comfortable climates and recreational opportunities, along with southern hospitality. The county has a broad diversity of manufacturing firms, in a variety of industries.

Greenheck Group has multiple facilities within Cleveland County, including plants in Kings Mountain and Shelby. Products manufactured in these locations include commercial kitchen hoods; tempered air products, including make-up air units and energy recovery ventilators; and industrial/commercial blowers and plenum fans.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is situated on the Arkansas River at the foothills of the Ozarks in a region known as “Green Country.” A town enriched by its oil heritage, Tulsa offers world-class cultural attractions, art deco buildings, and vibrant city districts. In addition to oil and energy, Tulsa is also home to a variety of other industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, and transportation.

In 2017, Greenheck Group announced an expansion to Tulsa, with the first two facilities expected to be operational in 2018. Initially, the new location will include manufacturing operations and distribution for the commercial kitchen ventilation and tempered air product lines.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Known as the City of Lakes, Minneapolis boosts a diverse and thriving economy. In addition to Unison™, the city is headquarters to respected corporations such as 3M, Target and Medtronic. Several professional and college sports teams call the city their home. It is the main campus of the University of Minnesota, and supports a vibrant cultural scene. Minneapolis frequently appears on lists of the most promising cities for job seekers and overall quality of life.

The Innovent and Valent businesses of Unison have their primary leadership, engineering and manufacturing operations in North Minneapolis. View a time lapse of an Innovent custom air handler unit being manufactured. In addition, the Unison Training and Products Center on the campus is a destination for representatives and customers seeking to learn more about Unison’s solutions.

Brownsville, Tennessee

Brownsville, TN

In 2012 Precision Coils moved to an 80,000 square foot facility in Brownsville, Tennessee. Brownsville is conveniently positioned just off I-40, approximately 40 minutes east of Memphis. Located in Haywood County, Brownsville offers the charm of a small city while focusing on planned growth and an improved quality of life for everyone. Precision Coils manufactures a wide range of HVAC coils for the OEM and replacement markets. Click here to tour the plant via a camera-equipped drone.

Saltillo, Mexico

Saltillo, Mexico

In October 2007, Greenheck opened a manufacturing operation in Saltillo, Mexico to provide products to customers throughout Mexico and the Latin America region in a timely, cost effective manner. In the summer of 2010, the operations doubled in size.

The made-to-order products produced in Mexico include a wide variety of industrial air circulators, mobile air circulators, sidewall fans and accessories and custom louvers. In addition to made-to-order products, Saltillo is also home to a number of stock ventilation products.



Located in the National Capital Region of India, Bawal is a municipality of the Rewari district in the state of Haryana and is strategically located along National Highway 8 about 100 km from Delhi. Greenheck India Private Ltd commenced operations in Bawal, India in December 2013 in a 67,000 square foot facility. With an ever-growing demand for our products internationally, the facility in India aims to meet the needs of both the Indian and Middle Eastern markets.

The products manufactured at this facility include fire dampers, smoke dampers, combination fire/smoke dampers, control dampers and inline axial fans.