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Title:  Senior Product Development Engineer


Schofield, WI, US, 54476

Company:  Greenheck Group
Date:  Mar 16, 2023

POSITION DUTIES: Lead product development projects for engineering designs of products in 
the air movement and control industry in collaboration with multinational engineering teams. Organize, 
plan, and monitor the manufacturing of HVAC systems from design into production. Evaluate material 
selection, cost analysis, vendors, tooling, and facility capabilities. Develop bill of materials and translation 
documents. Participate in prototyping and testing. Engage in technical committees and review technical 
writings. Lead regulatory approval procedures for product designs with AMCA and UL. Evaluate returned 
goods and determine root cause of failures and disposition of materials. Coordinate quality, research and 
development, manufacturing, global supply, sales, and marketing departments by providing technical 
consultation. Mentor junior engineers. Utilize the following tools and technologies: CFD, FEA, Numerical 
Python, OpenFOAM, Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS Structural, FLUENT, SimScale, air chamber, wind 
tunnel aero testing, and sound chamber and acoustics testing.


REQUIREMENTS: This position requires at least a Master’s degree in Mechanical 
Engineering, or a closely related field, and two (2) years of experience as a mechanical engineer (any title) 
designing centrifugal and fume exhaust fans in collaboration with multinational teams; working with 
pressure relief dampers; optimizing designs with CFD modeling using Moving Reference Frame (MRF); 
testing air movement products; and utilizing CFD, FEA, Autodesk Inventor, Numerical Python, 
OpenFOAM, air chamber, wind tunnel aero testing, and sound chamber and acoustics testing.


LOCATION OF EMPLOYMENT: 1100 Greenheck Drive, Schofield, WI 54476


APPLY TO: Greenheck Fan Corporation


Attn: C. Ristow
     2103 Ross Ave 
     Schofield, WI 54476

Nearest Major Market: Wausau